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Strawberries and Cream Smoothie

Strawberries and cream is such a familiar phrase. Why not make a strawberry and cream smoothie. Since cream is high in calories, we’ll just add it, not make it the main ingredient. Fresh strawberries and milk and cream is an amazing hearty breakfast, giving you the opportunity to recharge all the way to lunch. For those who don’t know yet, I can tell you that strawberries, due to their tiny bones, are great for cleansing the intestines. So while you can cook with fresh berries, let’s make a yummy smoothie with cream.



  • Fresh strawberries300g.
  • Non-fat milk750 ml.
  • Cream150 ml.
  • Sugar if desired

Per serving

  • Calories:195 kcal
  • Protein:2.5g
  • Fats:11g
  • Carbohydrates: 20 г

Steps to make Strawberries and Cream Smoothie:

Thoroughly wash the berries, remove the sepals, and place them in the bowl of a blender.

Add the cream to the strawberries and blend. Here are the strawberries and cream, but
We’re making a smoothie.

So we add milk to the bowl and whip it up. After tasting the smoothie, I
I knew I could use a little granulated sugar. I added a teaspoon of granulated sugar and
I whipped it again.

It was nice and fluffy and didn’t have any seeds.

As an option, you can drink the smoothie in a snack with unsweetened crackers. Enjoy

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