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Cakes with totally different fillings for each style



plain sugar

QUICHE WITH farm cheese

potatoes – 2-3 pcs.

mushrooms (frozen beech mushrooms) – 250g


sugar – 150g

poppy seeds – 250g of ground flower seeds

sugar – 1/2 cup

egg – one pcs.

eggs – one laptop

grease – one egg and oil

salt – to style


flour – enough to knead the dough (about one kg)

yeast (dry) – one packet, or 25g (wet)

milk – 3/8 cup

and oil

milk – 1/2 metric capacity unit

cottage cheese – 500g

vegetable oil – four tablespoons


egg – one unit

Step by step formula


warm up milk to temperature, a touch additional will be done.

add a containerful of yeast, a tablespoon of sugar, and a few flour.

let the yeast dissolve

add the egg and butter. mix well.

add the flour and knead the dough. It mustn’t continue your hands

let it rise during a heat place. It ought to substitute a heat place for regarding AN hour. you’ll be able to make out a touch longer.

Mushroom filling

Boil potatoes. white potato them

Boil mushrooms. Then fry them with onions. Add salt to style

curd filling

Mix farm cheese with egg and sugar.

Poppy filling

grind flower seeds (roughly a hundred gr of them)

Put a pan on atiny low fireplace. pour the flower seeds, add milk and sugar. Stir till sugar is dissolved. Add egg. Stir. cook for regarding five minutes. if you prefer walnuts you’ll be able to add them. it’s terribly delicious.

The dough is prepared. Let’s assemble the pies.

Roll out atiny low piece of dough into a sheet. Then place it on a buttered baking receptacle. place mashed potatoes on the sheet and mushrooms on prime. and canopy with another layer. we tend to create punctures on prime with a fork and grease with egg.

Roll out atiny low piece of dough. unfold it with flower filling. don’t place a lot of. the filling is liquid. roll it up into a roll and seal the perimeters well, that the filling doesn’t stream. grease it with egg. place it on a buttered baking sheet

roll out the dough into a sheet. lay it on a buttered baking sheet. sprinkle with a touch starch. place the farm cheese filling. pinch the perimeters, create “sides”. on top, you’ll be able to place rolls of dough that the farm cheese doesn’t drip. grease with egg

roll out little items of dough. grease with oil. sprinkle sugar on prime. roll up into a roll and form into a cracker, a curl. the layout on a buttered baking sheet. grease the highest with egg

bake the pies in AN kitchen appliance at one hundred eighty degrees. every pie for regarding 30-40 minutes.until nice golden color

bon appetit!

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