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Steak with onion marmalade sauce

The main purpose of a sauce served with steak is not to drown out the delicious taste of grilled beef, but to complement it, so that you enjoy the aftertaste after every bite you eat.

That’s exactly what onion marmalade sauce turned out to be, made one day quite by accident at a cottage barbecue.

Ingredients “Steak with onion marmalade sauce”:

  • Ribeye steak (350g) 2 pcs.
  • Red onion 3 units.
  • White dry wine (table wine) 100 ml
  • Olive oil 75 ml
  • Sugar (sand) 75g
  • Tabasco green sauce 60 ml
  • Balsamic Vinegar 15 ml

how to make Steak with onion marmalade sauce

Steak with “Onion Marmalade” sauce (step 1)
Let’s look at the products we ended up with.

Red onions are sweet, they are not bitter, they do not burn as quickly when fried as white onions, but in general, with some care, any – including white and shallots – will do. The leftover dry wine came in handy at the bar, and I didn’t have to open a new bottle. Tabasco – to spice things up, you can take either the original red or the jalapeño tabasco. On several occasions when I didn’t have tabasco on hand, I added kimchi paste. Real good quality balsamic vinegar is labeled “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena”.

And of course the steak, the main ingredient of our dish. My preference is for chilled, grain-fed Australian beef steaks.

Steak with onion marmalade sauce (step 2)
Red onions 3 units.
Olive oil 75 ml
I used red onions to make the onion marmalade. You could have taken white or shallots – it doesn’t matter as much, but red onions burn less when fried and quickly become soft. If you are willing to meticulously watch the onions and stir them constantly, use whatever you have.

Cut the onions into ~1 cm squares, lightly heat the olive oil, and pour the onions into it.

The most important thing in cooking onion marmalade is not to burn the onions. Onions that start to burn, even if only slightly, will give the sauce a sensitive flavor that will prevent you from enjoying the steak.

Steak with Onion Marmalade Sauce (Step 3)
The onions are browned in the oil, and we’re going to get a little distracted. I tried googling “Onion Marmalade” and found several recipes with a similar name. Honestly, I was sure I came up with the recipe and name myself, but since there is something similar, albeit different in preparation – I suggest you come up with your own name for this sauce.

Steak with Onion Marmalade Sauce (Step 4)
White dry wine (table wine) 100 ml

So, the onion is soft, a little reserved, and now it’s time to add the wine.

Fortunately, there is some white dry in the bar. 75-100 grams is quite enough. The wine will give the sauce a fruity touch.

Steak with “Onion Marmalade” sauce (Step 5)
Sugar (sand) 75 grams.

Wait two or three minutes for the alcohol to evaporate and add about three tablespoons of sugar. We are going to mix it up very well. You remember, we are making marmalade, and what a marmalade without sweetness.

Steak with onion marmalade sauce (step 6)
After the sugar has melted, our marmalade will look like this.

Steak with Onion Marmalade Sauce (Step 7)
Balsamic Vinegar 15 ml
And now, it’s time for the balsamic vinegar. What is it for? Vinegar is good for shading the flavor, a slight sourness. It makes our sauce more savory. It is enough for 2-3 teaspoons.

Steak with onion marmalade sauce (Step 8)
Tabasco Green Sauce 60ml
Here comes a very important, you might say solemn moment. We need to make the enjoyment of the sauce as complete as possible. Let’s get out a small bottle of tabasco. Both the original and jalapeño will do. In some cases, I used kimchi paste instead. It only affected the taste for the better.

We need three tablespoons of tabasco, and those who like hotter can add another one.

Steak with onion marmalade sauce (step 9)
Let the sauce cool down a bit. It’s literally one step away from being fully cooked.

Steak with onion marmalade sauce (Step 10)
Using a blender, turn our marmalade into a smooth sauce and get to cooking the steak.

Steak with onion marmalade sauce (Step 11)
Ribeye steak (350g) 2 units.
A grain-fed ribeye steak sits loosely on the cutting board. Half an hour ago it was released from the vacuum polyethylene captivity, where it made its way from the online store at a temperature of +2 degrees. The entire journey from Australia to my kitchen was as comfortable as possible, and he never once froze or thawed out. See how juicy it is!
Towel-dry the steak, salt, and pepper it, and…

Steak with onion marmalade sauce (step 12)
…Send it to a very well heated cast-iron grill pan. Keep it on high heat for a minute on each side, reduce heat to 20%.

Steak with onion marmalade sauce (step 13)
The second cooking step is 2-3 minutes on each side, depending on which roast you prefer. I like a fair medium is about 2.5 minutes per side.

Steak with onion marmalade sauce (step 14)
Once cooked, send the steak to the oven for 5 minutes at 190-200 degrees. The meat juice will spread over the future delicacy and then you can take it out. If there is no oven on hand – just cover a plate with a steak with a couple of layers of foil and let it lie like that for ten minutes.

Steak with onion marmalade sauce (step 15)
Serving, add our onion marmalade. Cut in the middle to check the degree of cooking and prove to ourselves that the craftsmanship is still with us.

Steak with onion marmalade sauce (step 16)
Bon appetit. I won’t tease you with pictures of wine, but I don’t know of a better companion to steak than red wine with good density. The Americans recommend Zinfandel, but in Italy, it’s called Primitivo.


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